Henning Sommer is a Hamburg-based composer, music producer, multi-instrumentalist, and platinum award-winning songwriter. An unconventional musical upbringing kicked off Henning’s passion for writing and producing. Educated in jazz whilst figuring out production through the hardcore and DIY scene, Henning gathered an eclectic but highly detailed knowledge that has shaped his production style today. Along the way, Henning has toured and performed both solo and in bands and achieved chart success as a songwriter, taking him across Europe and Asia. He has produced and written music for (among others) Michael Schulte, Tess Wiley (Sixpence None The Richer), I Heart Sharks, and Killerpilze. Starting at Supreme Music in 2011, Henning’s achievements are prolific; however, he maintains that he is not yet finished with his true quest – the one for the perfect low end.